Louise Warwick is an illustrator from Kent, England.

Louise works mostly in pen, pencil, water colour and gouache. Most of her work is narrative based in the form of illustrated books and comics. She also designs greetings cards and bespoke invites. Her most recent projects are: The Glass Globe - A comic about a reclusive artist named Bertie who finds a strange object in the forest he lives in. Louise self publishes this comic twice a year. The Dandelion Wish - A story written by Sandra Horn and illustrated by Louise. This picture book tells the story of Sam and Jo, who make a wish in a field of blowing dandelion seeds and the results are magical!

Louise can also be found under her maiden name Crowhurst.

Email: lou.illustration@gmail.com

  • 'Wet Walk Home' from The Garden
  • 'Choosing Flowers' from The Garden
  • 'The Forest' cover art for The Glass Globe
  • Page Extracts from The Glass Globe
  • 'Mermaid' in water colour and gouache.