Vicky Webb is an illustrator based in the Isle of Man.

Her interests lie in British culture, general anthropology and watching people, the environment, mathematics and pattern. She largely uses water colour, acrylic, and software.

Vicky has almost many years experience in paid graphic design, including 3 years full time experience using Adobe Photoshop in a professional design Studio. Clients include; authors, international holiday companies, fashion designers, small local businesses, and bands - both local and national.

Patterns are a real passion of Vicky's. Since a young age she would sit on a public coach or train and try to work out how the garish carpet-like fabric on the chairs would have been printed. Vicky is now the sole publisher of a resource website called 'Define pattern', where she makes patterns out of things she finds and posts them for all to use.

Always looking for opportunities to collaborate with others; Vicky can be contacted by her whirlymail 7 days a week:

You can follow Vicky independently via any of the links to the right.

  • Bailando repeat pattern
  • Bear Book - Bears Are Hairy
  • Handbound illustrated notebooks
  • Sea Urchins - Winning Spoonflower Competition Entry
  • Lino printed cat card
  • Major Queuing - Printed on Fabric
  • Contain Cover Compost - Three minibooks with a recycled manilla sleeve